E Cigarette Domains Available

I read this in the web this morning.  I am posting this for our corporate clients so that they do not miss out on this.


SEO Positive E-Cig Domain Portfolio Offers Hegemony to Industry Buyer


SEO Positive E-Cig Domain Portfolio Offers Hegemony to Industry Buyer

Las Vegas – Nevada, June 27th, 2013 – E-commerce Marketing Inc., couples top notch domains with top notch SEO in an industry with erupting search volume and no pay-per-click solution due to legalities making SEO traffic a more vital commodity.

Company owner and CEO, Matt Jackson stated, “We have obviously good domains with an SEO team lead by one of the best in the profession.  The overarching strategy was to field a top tier set of domains in large number with the best SEO staff possible. With the sharply increasing organic search traffic out there, we have a data driven and data proven formula for prolific hegemony in this market when it comes to traffic.”

The portfolio list is shared live at www.ecigdomainportfolio.com.  Details, research, data on traffic and the actual Google Analytics reports for all items are shared there as well.  The company wants to share the growth progress as well as logic as openly and transparently as possible.

“There is no strong traffic presence in an industry that needs it.  As an ad network and pay-per-click solution this portfolio could be the central hub and revenue engine.  Though the critical mass, land control and search position advantage that this portfolio comes with is probably something that would give one of the larger companies a decisive advantage over the rest. ” quipped Jackson.

The whole portfolio is being outfitted with original content as SEO coding.  Currently, with 150 sites built on these domains the traffic is already growing rapidly, clearly and will be updated as more domains are built out in this fashion.

“Check out what people want at Sedo or other domain auction houses for parked domains of lesser vanity and traffic prowess with no SEO at all and take a look at our list and stats again.  We put links to those auction houses with their prices on our portfolio site and encourage those lists to be compared with ours,” added Jackson.

Serious offers are currently being entertained by emailing the address located on the previously mentioned website.  This is the largest electronic cigarette traffic asset on the market to date with fully transparent logic and statistics shared for all perspective buyers.


What is Skype?

Skype is an online service that was launched in 2003.  It allows you to communicate with other Skype users for free. You can also use it to chat, call, send and receive text messages, video calls and send or receive files from other Skype users. Skype is not a telephone.  Instead, Skype is a kind of software that you need to install on your computer.  It requires a internet connection before you can log in and used it.

After you have installed the software, you need to sign up and create your own Skype username.

After you became a member you can add contacts, block them, see it they are online, and communicate with them. Many businesses have Skype accounts in order to communicate and send files from other business partners. This is one of the best ways to communicate with your clients and other businesses.

Here are some other Skype features that you should be aware of:

SkypeIn- This is a cool paid feature which allows you to receive calls on a fixed number from users around the globe. The calls will be received on your computer or internet device while you are free to move around.

SkypeOut- This is a paid feature which allows you can make calls to telephones (landlines) and mobile phones at great rates around the globe. The rates are pretty much the same in all countries and are very affordable.

Before Skype, Yahoo messengers, Gmail and other online communication sites provide communications to people from one country to another. Skype allows you to communicate around the world with relative ease.  It is now a part of society.

Online video production services

Are you looking for an online video production services? Carrying out a search on Google should point you in the right direction and once you find a couple of websites, look at their content and compare their prices then simply choose the one that suits your budget. If you are looking for a high quality, top of the range video, shot in a professional setting and created with the use of post-production editing software by an experienced professional, then you will need to be prepared to pay a lot of money for it.

The skills needed to produce good online video production services require years of training and experience as well as some pretty expensive software. It is also the case that some of the best software programs can take time and expensive training to come to grips with them. So if you want to go to the top end of this market it will cost you a lot of money to do so.

If you want to keep your costs down, you may want to look for online video production services, that makes use of pre-made templates. These video templates are normally available for a simple license, which make them accessible to anyone. Templates maybe inexpensive but they can used to create a professional looking video and only the most experienced expert could tell the difference.

Online video production services offer to cover events and produce films for wedding ceremonies, sports activities and virtually anything else that people wish to keep a living record. Online video production services furthermore launch completed media items for commercial programs, corporate videos, band promotion, event videos as well as many genre of exciting home videos.

Online video production services are as exciting and diverse as your imagination allows. When you hire the right company you start off with a blank canvas and how you fill it depends on a blend of your ideas, the videographer’s skill and the time and budget that you have to spend on the project. With Online video production services it is important to check their portfolio and see what they have already done in order that you can assess for yourself who the right person is for you to complete the job that you have in mind.

Freelancing websites are another great place to find affordable online video production services as professionals from all over the world use them. Your own basic IT skills should help you find your way round these sites. When using these sites you should never be quick to choose the bidder that offers the lowest price.  It is always much better to look at their previous work, any feedback, and their qualifications.

In order to get the best estimate, you should also take as much time as you comfortably need to decide on the video that you want created. It is also important that you demand that anyone that you speak to communicates with you in English and not in technical jargon that you do not understand. Like any field video professionals can lose most people when they start speaking about video file format, frames per second, and bitrates so it is possibly better that you find some examples of video techniques that you like and simply ark the filmmaker of your choice if he is willing and able to reproduce it.

Gain more business exposure

One of the most important ways to gave business exposure is through the use of commercial videos.  The business world is very competitive these days and so first impressions are very important.  Attracting new business is also not easy.  Cold calls, pamphlets, business cards, mailing list are things of the past.  You can also only put so many words on print.  Technology is quickly driving our society.  Today’s business cards are well developed commercial videos produced by video production services.  They convey the message of your company, what you are about, what you do, and how you can do it better than your competitors.

If you use a video production service to make your video, the benefits doesn’t stop there.  They will also put your videos into online channels that were your target audience will see it.  So not only will you have a marketing medias to send to people, to place on your website, but this advertising material will also be available online targeting future potential business to your company.

Copyright protect your videos

Sometimes in our rush to get our company’s video produce, we forget to protect our production legally against others from copying our hard work and ideas.  This is where the United States Copyright Office comes to play.   Statutory, you can copyright your work as a motion picture which includes video recording.  The statute defines motion pictures as audiovisual works consisting of a series of related images that, when shown in successive, impart an impression of motion, together with any accompanying sounds.  Motion pictures are typically embodies in film, videotape, or videodisk.  Only the expression (camera work, dialogue, sounds, and so on) fixed in a motion picture is protectible under copyright.  Copyright does not cover the idea or concept behind the work or any character portrayed in the work.

Publication of a motion picture takes place when one or more copies are distributed to the public by sale, rental, lease or or leading when an offering is made to distribute copies to a group of people for the purpose of further distribution or public performance.  Publication is the key component.  Publication is required before one can copyright a video clip.

Registration is important because in order for you to file a copyright infringement case in federal court, you must register the work at issue.  This is important because even though you might have a common law right attached to your work, you still need to register it with the copyright office before you can seek protection in federal court.

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials of products or services is a very powerful tool to have in your sale arsenal.  Think about it…when you hear someone in your same demographic talk about a product or service that you might use or might be helpful to you, you tend to listen and consider what they say more seriously.  Especially, if the testimonial are viewed as being real, honest, and authentic.  That is why it is a very effective tool.  Even more so if the video testimonial was created by a video production company that knows what they are doing with a competent director.  They can put together a real honest opinion about your services that will carry a lot of weight to those viewing it.  It is a very strong marketing tool that many companies and businesses are not taking advantage off.

Video Production

Many companies are now learning that they need to advertise their services outside the normal routes of print media, buying adwords, and just having a basic website on the Internet.  As many of your know, having a website that has not been set by a search engine specialist that is not designed to target any real customers is like having a billboard in the middle of the desert.  Assuming you have a effective online platform, the next thing that you need to focus on is to explain to the customer who you do and how you can help them.  A video clip is the most effective way to convey that message.  With the ever growing spread of high speed internet, it is a lot easier to have online video marketing of your company and services.  Using a reputable video production services is the way to go.  These video production services can create a effective marketing campaign for your company to its message out to the real world.


Welcome to Video Production Services.  We are a video production company that produces online videos for companies to market themselves on the Internet.  We hope you find the information provided to be of interest and useful for the marketing of your business.  We will be filling out this site in the days to come.  Check back with us.